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Unlocking the Mysteries of Science

Star Formation

By using special detectors and  data analysis, we have learned that the chemical make up from the stars form the matter around us, along with the Higgs Field of course!  Research in this area, along with other experiments in space, will reveal more in the future.  Perhaps we may even discover new forms of energy and technologies that could help humanity.  If you would like to contribute a research article or collaborate on fun projects, please reach out and let's explore together!

Star Formation

Exploring Mars

Water Found on Mars!

Frozen Lake on The Red Planet

Water found on Mars! In an effort to gain a better understanding of Mars and space and nature itself, we need to send probes to investigate planets and the universe. We have created new tools to do this! Recently, a frozen lake was found on Mars! We are currently looking to expand this investigation by collaborating with other companies to design highly sensitive tools to investigate Mars further.

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